Sky Coaches was established in January 2016, with 15 years combined experience by Directors in the tourism industry, we take pride in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Offering reliable transport solution, tailor made to clients’ requirements and budget.

Passenger safety is at the foundation of our business and at Sky Coaches, we comply with internationally accepted coach charter practices, including Passenger Liability and Comprehensive Insurance.

Our extensive knowledge, expertise and resources in the industry enables Sky Coaches to provide clients with peace of mind when booking with us.

We supply various types of vehicles such as:

-          Luxury Sedan

-          Mini Buses

-          Standard Commuter Buses

-          Semi-Luxury Buses

-          Luxury Buses


Servicing the following clientele: 

-          Professional Conference Organizers

-          Tour Operators

-          Incentive Companies

-          Educational Institutes

-          Sports Associations

-          Private Charter